Friday, 24 April 2015

April 2015

Secretary's Scribble
Well into March and preparing for the coming season with our first event at the Colne Valley Railway on the 19th April just around the corner. And then they follow on thick and fast!!
Just a not about keeping us informed if you have entered for an event and then find you cannot attend.
Details of a new event along the Ipswich Waterfront on July       19th, could be the start of  something new!
    Last month's meeting we had the return of an old favourite         "The Feelie Bags" where small  everyday motoring items are     put in a cloth bag and you have to guess what they are by
    feel. There was one bag with domestic items in to keep the         ladies happy!! Very entertaining.
     This month we have our Mini Auction where anything can         be entered and lot forms were enclosed with the Newsletter.       As usual grubby items must be     protected, we don't want         any cleaning bills from the RHYC!!
   The May Supper will have a World War II theme as it is the      70th Anniversary of the end of the war this year. At our party
   20 years ago to celebrate the 50th     Anniversary, we had
   some 80  people attend and only a handful were not dressed in    period costume of some sort. Can we do it again??

Members Obituary
Life with a Ford Popular Part 13; French Cuisine
Motoring and Aviation Partnership
Wheels Ipswich 19th July
From the desk of the Events Co-ordinator, April 2015

Front cover: 1968 Bentley T1
Page 6: Bristol Brabazon, 1953 Bristol 403, 1957 Bristol 406, 1985 Pontiac Parisienne

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