Friday, 24 April 2015

May 2015

Secretary's Scribble
WE have learnt that the Clone Valley Railway where we were on 19th April has to vacate the land by the end of the year, a big jog with all that kit even if they do find a piece of land big enough. I don't envy them the task of moving.
We have had our own problems with our web site in that the person who looked after it at a modest cost has been told by       their accountant to wind up the computer side of the business.     We were put onto another chap but costs were many times         what we were paying. However after an appeal at a Club             meeting one of the members was confident that he could run       things for us. And so it has worked out and we are indebted         to this member.
Last month's talk Since records Began by Bill Clark took us       through sound recording from wax cylinders right through to     CD's with demonstrations of the sounds and visual                       projections to complement them. A really interesting and  enjoyable evening.
A few more event have been added under "Other Events" - make your own arrangements

Wartime & Austerity Motoring
Life with a Ford Popular Part 14; Thunder, Fire & Lightning
VIP backseat Driver
From the desk of the Events Co-ordinator, May2015

Front cover: Triumph Spitfire
Page 6: Wartime bus towing a Producer gas trailer, 1937/8 Austin 10 fitted with a gas bag, Hoterl on fire in Geneva, the bear pit in Bern.

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