Friday, 19 December 2014

December 2014

Secretary's Scribble
Last Newsletter of 2014! Not a bad year overall! Some heavy rain which caused problems but it could have been worse.
The Hurricane Run was brilliant! Well organised, I thought we were going to be rushing from here to there but it all worked very well with plenty of time to get from car to train to boat and back to train and car with meals slotted unhurriedly in-between. Mind you a long day starting at 9am from the meeting point and arriving home at gone 7.30 pm and it only rained in the last 10 minutes, damm!
Good news, the annual subs to stay at £14!!
The picture quiz last month, loads of answers, well two actually and both right.
Coming up, AGM, Christmas Social, 2015.

Life with a Ford Popular part 11
Ian's Ramblings
The 1950's Car Accessory Market
Holiday period Quiz
Thank you letter
     For Sale: 1933 Hillman saloon
     Thank you letter
     Love Story

Front cover: Christmas Greetings
Page 6: Two pictures to go with "Life with a Ford Popular" and Car Accessory ad pictures


Thursday 27th November - A.G.M.
Thursday 11th December - Christmas Social
Thursday29th january - "The Suffolk Punch Horse" by Chris Miller
Thursday 26th February - TBA
Thursday - "Since Records Began" by Brian Clark

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